Exsite Webware

Exsite Webware is an operating system for your website. It provides a core framework for managing content, templates, HTTP I/O, databases, and dynamic content web applications. A base set of applications is included with the main distribution, including a flexible website editor, database manager, simple login account manager, and a search tool.

Web Design Features

  • Flexible templating system, with multiple content zones per page
  • Content versioning means all your changes are archived, and you can roll back at any time
  • Web pages are written out as conventional, search-engine-friendly .html files
  • Template inheritance makes it easy to spin-off new templates based partially on old ones, or share templates between sites
  • Online libraries for shareable images, clip-art, documents, etc
  • Separation of design elements from content elements, with access controls for each
  • Automatic menu and sitemap construction
  • Polymorphic content model makes it easy to swap images for text for documents, and so on
  • Web-based content management makes internet collaborations much easier
  • WYSIWYG editing for simple updates;  raw HTML mode for fine-tuning
  • CSS editing

IT Features

  • Highly portable toolkit based on the most common open standards
  • No browser plug-ins or client-side software required
  • Works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and other OSes
  • Works on a standard LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-Perl/PHP) webserving configuration
  • Highly scalable
  • Runs any number of websites with shared services simultaneously
  • Static content results in static, conventional files, reducing server load
  • Runs in easy-to-configure CGI mode, or high-performance Mod_perl mode
  • Plug-and-play web application installation
  • Configurable logs and audit trails
  • Server management plug-ins available (eg. Email, DNS)
  • Simple site creation and administration tools simplify web managment in large organizations
  • Flexible licensing and support options

Web Developer Features

  • OSS licensing
  • Perl, MySQL core system
  • Compatible with all client-side programming languages
  • PHP, ASP compatible
  • Plug-in architecture for extensions, which can be developed in Perl or other languages
  • Many plug-ins available for common website functions
  • Flexible database drivers can be reprogrammed to work with nearly any data storage system
  • API for simplified web database programming using the core ExSite tools
  • Separately licensed plug-ins allow means application developers are not bound to the base package's license

More Information

Online Demo, Free Website Builder, Commercial Web Service

www.exsitewebware.com is is driven entirely by this package, and can be used to create instant websites, edit content online, and insert dynamic content web applications into your pages. This site includes demos of the web-based editor, template switching, and free trial websites.

Technical Support

Technical support including training, best practices advice for programmers, custom plug-in development, website and web service construction, and even hosting, is available through Exware Solutions, Inc.

OSS Distribution

A GPL version of Exsite Webware is available from http://sourceforge.net/projects/exsite. Contact technical support (above) for information on fully supported versions, or alternative licensing arrangements.

Plug-in Web Applications

Included with the OSS distribution: Website Editor, Database Manager, Member Manager, Search, HomePage.

Not included (contact Exware Solutions for more information): News, Article Management, Blogs, Forums, Wikis, Event Calendars, Registration systems, Surveys, Web Forms, Member Management, Simplified CMS, Email notifications, Domain management, Email account management, e-Commerce tools, distributed web application tools, and more.

2004 Exware Solutions Inc.
This software is released under the terms of the GPL.